Color Therapy Thursdays

True Blue

True BlueBlue

Blue can be found all around round us… It usually evokes a feeling of calm, depth, stillness, and serenity. Think blue sky or the heavens (there is nothing loud about that). Its even represented in the chakra’s (5th chakra of the throat communication). What about Rythm & Blues (some of the smoothest mutha-shut-your-mouth music on the planet)? It is a cool color; that used to be primarily known as a boy’s color.

The variety of shades can evoke many feelings. Like a bold blue for confidence or royal blue for nobility. Or how about those favorite pair of blue jeans you put on to make your day feel better. Everyone has at least one blue piece in their closet. No matter what shade of blue you decide, its usually easy on the eye.

Touches of blue can:

  • counteract chaos and spread calm vibes
  • represent tranquility and peace
  • soothe a worried mind
  • unlock energy and create the flow of communication

From a blue purse, to lue jeans, or even a fabulous pair of earrings, one thing remains true and that’s blue…

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